CioccolaTò 2013, Turin’s heart of chocolate in festival


In Turin, the chocolate is at home. But, when takes place CioccolaTò, Turin becomes the temple chocolate festival. The 2013 edition of the chocolate festival (from November 22 to December 1) has already an experience of great success (with 500 thousand visitors) and taste.

This year it will replicate the formula that made us discover the best productions of Turin patisserie, but also the Italian and international chocolate production, but with some new features that promise to be tasty. To start with the location and period of the Turin festival: CioccolaTò 2013 invites you into the “living room” of Turin to taste the cocoa creations when the season makes them more sweet. The melancholy of autumn will be blown away by the load of serotonin that chocolate gives us in every bite.

CioccolaTò 2013 will be an opportunity to discover the city of Turin starting from the taste buds and to let be charmed by the many variations of the cocoa bean and the many different creations from all over the world.

The chocolate festival is organized by Gruppo Gioform Unipersonale and sponsored by Città di Torino, Provincia di Torino, Regione Piemonte, UnionCamere Piemonte and Camera di Commercio I.A.A. di Torino.

From 22 November to 1 December in Turin is CiokoTime, with CioccolaTò 2013: the sweetest chocolate festival.


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